Adult Exploration Programs

Common Quest

Our adult classes and activity groups are listed in this Fall 2016 Common Quest Brochure. Check it out for classes, groups, and much more. Please contact office to register or see our coordinator Theresa McCormick at the Common Quest table during social hour. or 206 935 0418

Covenant Groups

Our Covenant Groups meet twice a month with the same people to take a spiritual journey through many different topics we encounter on the human journey, like risk, humor, loss, the book that changed my life, etc. There are groups that meet Monday morning, Tuesday evening, and Wednesday evening. There is always an empty chair to invite in a new person, so for more information email Patti McCall at

Partner Church

Westside Unitarian Universalist Congregation and East Shore Unitarian Church of Bellevue work together in partnership with an ethnic Hungarian Unitarian congregation in Transylvania, Romania, where Unitarians have lived and kept their faith since the 1500s. We work to build a relationship based on mutual respect, understanding and appreciation for cultural differences. Our partner village of Torockószentgyörgy is located in the foothills of the western Carpathian Mountains not far from the birthplace of the Unitarian faith. To find out how you can get involved with the ministry team email

Westside Men's Group

The Way of the Peaceful Warrior. Join the Men's Group 1st, 3rd, and 5th Tuesday nights 7 - 9 PM in the Social Hall for an evening of grounding, which starts with a short meditation. "We check in by describing our time since we last met. Then we share stories: we tell about experiences with facing success and difficulty; stories of new starts, work, travel, health-care, and creative expression. These are the beginnings of personal histories. They are the age-old tradition around the campfire."
One attendee has this to say about the group.
"I really like the connections in Men's Group. I feel like it's male bonding done right. That's because of rules like speaking from our own perspective, no cross-talk (minimizing interruptions,) and keeping it personal (so minimal politics.) We are asked to attend as consistently as possible, but it's not mandatory attendance, so it's mostly the same people each time. As a result of all that, I feel free to share the important real life stuff." Contact: Richard Clark at:

Westside Women's Group

The Westside Women's Group invites all women to join and learn more about each other, to share our journeys and to have fun. We meet the 2nd Thursday each month at WSUU at 7 p.m. (child care may be provided upon request) and the 4th Saturday morning at 10 a.m. at a member's home. Contact:Peggy Abby at: or to join our mailing list send an email to:

Music Program


We have a diverse and celebratory music program…with many ensembles and a place for everyone who wishes to participate.  Check out our Music Programs page, and contact our Music Director, Bert Gulhaugen