By check

Send a check to 7141 California Avenue SW, Seattle WA 98136.

Electronic withdrawal from credit card or bank account via our on-line vendor VANCO

Many members have asked to be able to pay their pledges by automatic electronic methods in order to save time and to simplify their lives. So, we're keeping up with the times by offering our members and friends an Electronic Giving program — an automated program that will allow you to make contributions without having to write a check, address the envelope, stamp it and mail it! Here is how it works:

You authorize a specified amount of money to be electronically transferred directly from your checking or savings account to the Congregation's account. You also specify the frequency of the transfer. It is fast, safe, and easy! In fact, it is less risky than checks, as it cannot be lost, stolen, or destroyed. The electronic transfer will cost you nothing and you save the cost of the check. The Congregation will continue to issue you a donation statement for your tax records, and your bank or credit card statements will provide you with a record of transfer as additional proof of your contributions.

Of course you can cancel your authorization of transfer at any time by notifying us in writing.

To initiate this direct withdrawal from your checking or savings account, or by credit card, you have two options.

1. fill out a form available in the Congregation Office, or
2. click the donate button below which will take you to a secure web page on which you can enter your automatic payment information.

Automatic withdrawal from your bank account via your bank's automatic bill pay program

To pay by on-line bill pay from a bank account, just follow your bank's instructions for setting up a recurring payment or set the Congregation up as a vendor in your payee list and manually approve a payment whenever you wish.

Amazon and other merchant programs

Amazon and other merchant programs give us a percentage of your purchases. For any Amazon purchase and for books from Powells Books (that wonderful Portland Oregon store) click on their links on our website home page so that we get the 4-7.5% donations! See other information about PCC, Safeway and Bartells through the link above.

For more information, contact our Congregation Office: or 206 935 0418.