Ways To Contribute

Personal Check:

Mail to: 7141 California Avenue SW Seattle WA 98136

Automatic Withdrawal using Bill Pay from your bank account:

Many people enjoy the convenience of giving a monthly or a one time gift by setting up the congregation in your savings or checking account's bill pay program. The check is mailed from the bank, at no cost to you, without you even paying postage! We receive the total amount of your contribution. There are no deducted fees. Check with your bank if you are unfamiliar with this option. What you would need from us is just to know our name and our address. These automatic contributions will be included in your annual tax deduction statement for your federal IRS filing.

Automatic Withdrawal from your credit card:

You can use this link DONATE to set up a one time or continuing schedule of donations via your credit card. Some people like the "miles"or other types of rebate credit you get from use of your card. The church pays a small fee, which is fine with us. If you wish, our office staff can do this for you. Just give us a call and we will get to you the form required for your authorization.

Amazon and other Merchant Programs