Fundraising and Merchant Commissions

Our church is a member of the Amazon Associates program. If you use the link above to shop at Amazon, our church will receive 4% of the purchase price of your shipped items. Bookmark this page so you don't forget! For regular customers of Amazon, when you do a search through this link above from your usual computer, Amazon will still recognize your account, so you don't have to re-enter any personal information.

Powell’s Book Store in Portland provides the congregation 7.5% of any on line sales purchased through this link.  They have a very large volume of new and used books.

WSUU is also enrolled in a fundraising program called eScrip. This is how it works: you register your Safeway grocery loyalty card for use in the program by going to the website for eScrip; just click on the logo below. Safeway will make contributions to our church of up to 4% of your total purchase each time you shop. You can also register your debit or credit card if you choose.


Order a PCC gift card through our office or by talking to our Treasurer. Those cards are linked to our congregation. Then simply re-load it with additional funds. Our congregation gets up to 4% percent of your purchases without it costing you anything.

Bartell Drug Store gives us 5% of your qualifying purchases. Sign up at the store checking our congregationís name on the back of the form. They will give you a little plastic card that will link your total dollars spent to our congregation. Or ask in our office for the form and plastic card.