Think Global UU


We are very pleased to announcement the formation of our new committee, “Think UU Global,” that will bring news in depth of the UU universe beyond our congregational about what is happening continentally and worldwide.

“Many blessings have fallen my way since I became a Unitarian Universalist, among them the opportunity to travel to India and South Africa wearing all the chalice jewelry that would fit on my person. Since becoming a Westside member, I've recalled how mysterious it was to hear people with much longer histories than mine mention names and places I had no idea had some connection with my new church or with the wider association since I became a UU in 1965. Therefore, my mission is to lift up our global Unitarian Universalist presence so you can be aware of how widely we are spread. At the moment I know you are following the big change with our Hungarian partner church: the much beloved minister has been transferred; he's now yoked to two congregations, new to him.

I hope to bring you some wonderful Garrison Keillor-esque stories of how the UUSC was integral in creating our burning chalice association symbol. If you'd like to help me think of ways to tell our global story, please contact me, Barbara Morgan (retired UU minister, no relation to our Minister Rev. Peg Morgan!), 206-330-7358 or”


“Beyond Belief: Reflections from the UUA President”
Includes blogs on the Unitarian Universalist presence in Haiti and a UU statement on immigration.

“Standing on the Side of Love”
Gives clear statements about our UU values of inclusion, diversity, and equality; also statements about immigration, societal homophobia and trans-phobia, and vitriolic rhetoric.

“Unitarian Universalist Service Committee”
Read about “Rescue and Flight: American Relief Workers Who Defied the Nazis” which documents the beginnings of today’s Unitarian Universalist Service Committee.