Our Minister

Rev. Peg Boyle Morgan

Rev. Peg Morgan

Peg was called as our Minister in August, 2002, first half time, and gradually increasing to full time.   Previous to serving our Congregation, she served University Unitarian in Seattle for six years as Assistant Minister and Pastoral Care Coordinator, and a year at East Shore Unitarian in Bellevue as Intern Minister.

Theologically, Peg draws wisdom from 60+ years of living and loving life, raising two sons, completing 30 years as a social worker and executive director of human services, and traveling extensively around the world. “The Congregation is truly multi-generational, fun, welcoming, and dedicated to making this world a more peaceful, justice-filled place.”In her sermons she draws upon her study of world religions-especially Buddhism, Jesus the prophetic man (not the dogmatic church), Unitarian Universalism, mysticism, and pantheism. Her sermons incorporate scriptures of all religions as well as modern day poets, and the words of prophetic men and women throughout the ages. She believes in love and in the kinship of all humanity; She believes we achieve immortality through the way we live our lives, and the amount of love we offer to those with whom we travel this human journey. She believes in community for mutual care-giving, spiritual growth and fun, and for the efficacy of joining hands to work for justice. She often ends her services with these words: May love, which gives life its beauty; purpose, which gives life its relevance; and reverence, which gives life its sacredness; be strong within each of us, deepening our connection with all of life.

Peg has been a Unitarian since 1970. Originally a Roman Catholic, she seriously considered becoming a nun as a teenager, but went to college instead. Peg began her first career as a social worker working with emotionally disturbed boys at Echo Glen Children's Center. From 1973 until 2000 she served as founder and Director of Mercer Island Youth and Family Services, a public-private partnership of the City of Mercer Island.

Prior to retiring from social work, Peg returned to school to earn her Masters in Divinity from Seattle University's interfaith School of Theology and Ministry. She is the first graduate of the school to be ordained as a Unitarian Universalist.

Peg is the mother of two adult sons, Chris, who lives in Oakland, and Paul, who lives in Boston. She lives with her husband Wayne Fulkerson, a Buddhist, whom she married in August 2002. They love movies, books, the Mariners, friends, their garden, all kinds of food, traveling, and the Folk Life Festival!

When asked why she chose our Westside UU Congregation, she replied “I love serving Westside because there is a real sense of community in this part of Seattle. I especially like Westside because it is more diverse. The Congregation is truly multi-generational, fun, welcoming, and dedicated to making this world a more peaceful, justice-filled place.”

Ten Hopes for My Life

To contact Rev. Peg, e-mail minister@wsuu.org