Music Council

Music Council

The Music Council encourages musicians of all kinds and abilities to participate in the life of the congregation as well as to serve the broader community. Members encourage ensembles to form, manage our Chalice Palace talent sharing event, and support our Music Director in various ways.

WSUU Music Council Mission and Vision Statements:


To support the ongoing vitality of music at WSUU by fostering a music program that inspires joy and creates a sense of spirituality within and connectedness with one another.


Through administration of the WSUU Music Program and in collaboration with the Music Director, the Music Council will ensure that music is a cornerstone of our congregation’s ministry. To that end, we will strive to build a program that reflects a variety of genres and traditions from around the world, presents music from throughout history, and addresses a broad range of intellectual, spiritual, and emotional expression.  Further, our music will be multigenerational and include people with a wide range of abilities.  We will ensure the music program offers diverse entry points for participation and cultivates the musical growth of the congregation.  Music will be integrated throughout congregational life and minister to WSUU members and friends.   Reaching beyond our congregation, our music will convey our Unitarian Universalist message and values to our broader community.