WSUU Strategic Planning

In the fall of 2012, Westside embarked on an ambitious journey of crafting a three-year Strategic Plan to help focus our continued growth. We started this journey with an all-congregation World Cafe in our social hall to express, share and record our prioritization of the issues, programs, and organizational development we as a congregation needed to address. We held several additional input sessions and received significant written and face-to-face feedback as well. The Strategic Planning task force and the Board of Trustees then meticulously honed all of this input into our final Strategic Plan , which was voted in and approved by the congregation in Dec 2012.

I hope you'll take a few minutes to get acquainted with all the plan covers by clicking here. It contains a beautiful summary of Westside's history, mission, and core values along with the specific rationales behind each goal and objective. Every Westside employee, team, committee, and council is now working diligently to carry out these strategies. We've made enormous progress toward achieving them!

Finally, the overall aim of the plan is to “strengthen our core” as a congregation. Each strategy is organized into four main goals to support our core congregational priorities:

  • Goal I: Maintain and enhance our close-knit community
  • Goal II: Refine our organizational and management structure to support a program-size congregation
  • Goal III: Ensure our financial stability
  • Goal IV: Enhance our building

This is an exciting time at Westside. We've now entered a new era of being a program-size congregation with Sunday attendance averaging 150+. As a result, our congregational life has expanded beautifully through vibrant Religious Education, Music, and Social Justice programs; a team of supremely skilled staff dedicated to helping turn our congregation's passions into tangible achievements; and a collection of highly relevant ministries that continues to inspire us to be the best persons we can be.

Thank you for sharing in our journey.

Viv Monahan
President, Board of Trustees

Read Full Strategic Plan Here