WSUU Strategic Planning

The Board of Trustees presents our final Strategic Plan after modifications were made from suggestions received from congregational members during the Board sponsored hearings, and from members who have shared their ideas with the Board in October and November. This final plan will be voted on December 2 at the conclusion of the Sunday morning service.  This vote will be an up or down vote.   The hearings and input period is culminating in this vote.  Please plan to attend this congregational meeting as we need a quorum to adopt our new plan! 

The changes include the following: Goal II, Refine our organizational and management structure to support a program-size congregation, was reworked to streamline it. A strategy was added to it regarding community outreach as part of our communications strategy. We added an objective to Goal I, Maintain and enhance our close knit community, regarding increasing accessibility and removing barriers to program participation. We reordered the components of the document. We revised the outcomes section. The basic content though remains the same, based on over 1,000 inputs received in the process.

This is an exciting time to be a part of Westside. We are at a critical transition point in terms of size of congregation. When we moved into this building two years ago, in terms of church culture, we were a Pastoral size congregation, meaning Sunday attendance of up to 150 adults and children. Now, two years later, we are a Program size congregation with Sunday attendance 180 - 200. (See Goal II for more on Pastoral and Program sizes and what that means). Our congregational dynamics have changed and are changing still. This is why this strategic plan is so important. Our previous strategic plan, adopted in 2006, envisioned us owning our own building and having a vibrant music program, just to name two of the objectives we achieved. Thanks to all of you and the Strategic Planning Committee we have a plan for the future.

Jill Fleming, President
Board of Trustees