What to Expect


Are you new to Unitarian Universalism? Click here for a youtube video about our faith.

Our community has grown over the last eight years from 76 members to over 200 members with 125 children and youth. We love to have newcomers come join us for Sunday Services, any Sunday at 10:30.

We are pleased to share with you the joy we have found in having a caring religious community where you don't have to check your logic and brainpower at the door on your way in. Our faith encourages your thinking and feeling for yourself, as well as listening to your intuition. We respect your ability to decide what you believe about life, love, the universe and the mystery of life.

Sunday Service topics vary between spiritually inspiring sermons, services regarding religious responses to the happenings in our world, calls for justice, and wisdom from prophetic women and men throughout the ages. Scriptures used include modern day poetry and essays, as well as readings from all the world's faith traditions. Our minister speaks twice a month, and on other Sundays we have guest preachers, speakers and lay members of our congregation.


If you have children, we encourage you to come a little early, perhaps 10 a.m., so that we can orient you to our children's program and routines. On each Sunday, children begin with their parents in the Sunday Service. During the “Time for All Ages” children are invited to move up front to be close to the story teller, and parents are welcome to come with them. After the story, we sing our children out with our "Go Now in Peace" song. Children move through our arched arms and join their age appropriate groups downstairs. The groups all have a different color flag, which matches the dot a Greeter added to your child's name tag. New children are welcome to participate in the classes, and parents can go with them if that is helpful to the children's adjustment.

Infants are welcome to stay with their parents, though we do have infant and toddler care close to the Sunday Services sanctuary room. We also have a quiet room upstairs on one end of the balcony where parents can go with their little ones, to let them play, or fuss, or nurse, or fall asleep while the service is heard through a speaker there.



Our services last from 10:30 to 11:45. A typical order of service includes:

Chalice Lighting
  • Prelude
  • Welcome and announcements
  • Lighting of the Chalice
  • Unison Affirmation
  • Singing together
  • A Time For All Ages
  • Singing the Children to their Classes
  • Sharing of Joys and Sorrows
  • Singing “Voice Still and Small” hymn
  • Prayer/reflection
  • Sermon
  • Sharing of financial gifts for the church or once a month to a charity
  • Music
  • Closing Words and Five Fold Amen

After the service we go downstairs to enjoy coffee, tea and potluck snacks along with casual conversations. We encourage you to stay for this time, and ask anyone any questions you wish.